A Changed Mind = A Changed Life

I changed my mind to change my behavior to change my life. For 23 years I was mentally incarcerated by the "need for approval" and the opinions of others.


Life has taught some valuable lessons: say NO and mean it, sever ties with procrastination, recognize the NEED for change, let failures create a "staircase" to the next level.


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

 ~ Albert Einstein


You are the most important person in your quest for change. However, when you procrastinate, you hold hostage the keys to your success. Your success with change is reflected in your attitude towards recognizing that need for change, accepting that change is a process, and developing a culture for change.


The challenge to change remains great when you conform to social expectations designed to keep you confined. Ridding oneself of life-depleting relationships and misguided perceptions prepares the mind to accept that which cannot be changed and to embrace that which can. Because voluntary behaviors or habits are learned and thus can be altered with a mindset cultivated for change, change, therefore, is Correcting Habits as Needed for Growth & Excellence.


Changing your mind to change your life is a valuable lesson to learn if you desire to reach the next level in life. Make today your beginning!


Authored by Rachel Spiller Riles

Cover design artwork by Cheryl Cooley

Success begins in the mind!

Change your mind and watch how life begins to change in your favor...This book is a platform for the discussion of change with three suggested principles on changing undesired behaviors/habits for growth and excellence.

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